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Choice is one of the great benefits of online education. Why should bright, young people choose eIMACS to learn university-level mathematics or computer science? We'll let university professors, current and former students, parents, and reviewers explain in their own words the unique opportunity and advantages that our courses have to offer.

University Professors

"We have here at Harvard a young man who came out of the IMACS program. He was able to begin his mathematical studies at a very advanced level by taking a course usually taken by juniors and seniors, and he has been a straight A student. Our program in mathematics is the strongest in the nation and for him to be able to jump in with our best students and perform at the highest level is ample testimony of the strength of the program."
Professor Andrew M. Gleason, Harvard University
"I have personally examined some of the teaching concepts and materials that have been developed by IMACS. I have determined that they are of outstanding quality."
Professor Gerald Jay Sussman, MIT
"I believe the IMACS Computer Science course could revolutionize the way computing is taught at the high school level and, more importantly, excite many of our best minds to a study of computer science."
Professor Daniel P. Friedman, Indiana University
"It is my considered opinion that the IMACS curriculum does a wonderful job of captivating young minds and provoking within them a lifelong thirst for learning, particularly in the areas of mathematics and computer science. IMACS produces graduates with unusually mature insight into mathematics ... These are students that university mathematics departments recruit like star quarterbacks."
Vincent Haag, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Franklin & Marshall College
"I cannot speak too highly of the IMACS curriculum. The content and the pedagogy are of the highest quality and I recommend it without reservation."
Gerald R. Rising, Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Buffalo

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Video testimonial for IMACS Computer Science
Katherine Wu, Johns Hopkins Graduate
"I just finished my first year as a math major at Yale, and I wanted to write to give you an update, and to thank you for the preparation for college the IMACS way of thinking has given me ... When it came time for the first problem set to be turned in, I suddenly found that everybody in my dorm was asking me questions about problems that seemed to me to be as routine as filling out a form. I remember asking myself how anybody learns what a proof is without learning the IMACS way."
Scott Caplan, Yale and Harvard Law Graduate
"The IMACS classes I took (LM1 and LM2) were very helpful to me for the proofs and logic exercises which were a big part of my math and computer science classes at Stanford. I had a leg up and already knew a number of topics covered in my classes. And they were lots of fun too!"
Stephanie Palocz, Student at Stanford University
"There is no doubt that the IMACS curriculum gave me the logical thinking skills and mental framework that inspired and enabled me to develop the Chocolate Fix puzzle system."
Mark Engelberg, Developer of ThinkFun's Chocolate Fix logic game
"At a very young age, I began to get bored with the pace of the math curriculum at school. IMACS provided all the enrichment I could hope for and more. The unique coursework gave me the foundation in logical thinking that allowed me to place into a math class four years above grade-level. The University Computer Science curriculum did much more than teach me how to code; it taught me the process of structuring a program. No matter what computer language I am programming in, a quick reference to the general language structure is all I need to adapt. As a girl, I am a minority in the world of computer science and engineering. In a male-dominated field, the IMACS curriculum gives me the advantage I need to be successful in high school, college, and the workforce."
Azzara Nincevic, IMACS Student
"Before IMACS, I did not realize how interesting and exciting mathematics could be. It taught me advanced thinking skills that helped me succeed in all my math classes and even in my general studies."
Jennifer Hernandez, MIT Graduate
"Honestly speaking, this course was maybe the most well-designed one I've taken. It wasn't very hard to follow any of the material in any part of the course. The course didn't just meet my expectations, it exceeded them. For anyone looking to start off in computer science I would definitely recommend this as the beginning step. And if the rest of the courses eIMACS has to offer are of the same or greater standard, they should be excellent."
Hossain Turjo, Student at NYU Abu Dhabi
"I recently completed the eIMACS AP Computer Science course. Before taking this course, I had a minimal background in computer science. After completing the course, I feel that I have attained a strong background in CS and have discovered a passion for solving problems by coding. My experience with eIMACS was amazing! The class material was well-written and easy to understand. If I ever had a question, I could easily access my eIMACS instructor. The lab assignments were challenging but fun and interesting. They provided me with real opportunities to learn how to code. Throughout the year, I have learned not only how to code, but how to think. This class has strongly influenced my interests. This summer I will continue my studies at Google in Seattle, and I plan on studying CS at Brown University in the fall. I can't thank eIMACS enough for helping me to realize how exciting, interesting, and multifaceted computer science can be."
Ali Paul, eIMACS Student
"I wanted to say that I'm taking my first CS and EE course here at Harvard. In CS I was able to skip the intro course and so the first language I'm working with is LISP, which I am loving since it is so similar to Scheme. I've been doing very well on assignments and I'm really liking the experience I'm getting..."
Alex Lee, Harvard Graduate
"IMACS is an amazing program that emphasizes logic-based problem solving and critical thinking skills. Its innovative curriculum is ingeniously woven into fun games and puzzles, and gives a rock-solid foundation in critical thinking and logic. I've taken almost all of their logic, computer science, and math enrichment classes. The quality of their courses is outstanding and, in my experience, unique. I always looked forward to my weekly IMACS sessions and online eIMACS courses. Thanks to IMACS, I had the logical and conceptual foundation to thrive in college mathematics and computer science courses at Carnegie Mellon and Stanford as a high school freshman!"
Rachel Gologorsky, eIMACS Student and 2011 US Girls Junior (U21) Chess Champion
"My first CS class at Virginia Tech was a breeze compared to the material that IMACS covered when I was much younger...I can't thank you and the other IMACS instructors enough. I hadn't realized how much you had taught me. You had always told me that I knew much more material than I realized, but I never really believed you — until now!"
Erik Benoist, Virginia Tech Graduate
"My peers at college were very intelligent, but they struggled with real university math classes. I'm so glad I had the right foundation. Thank you, IMACS!"
Natasha Chen, USC Graduate
"In the first lecture on functional programming in my Software Construction course, the professor told the class, 'You have probably never seen anything like this before.' The other students were blown away because they had never studied such sophisticated programming concepts. I ended up acing the course project due to my background in functional programming at IMACS."
Dustin Katzin, MIT Graduate
"IMACS programming courses are great for teaching computer science at both a beginning and more advanced level. They've helped me so much in learning how to code and in understanding deeper concepts. I'm sure the skills I've gained will be very valuable in my future job as an engineer. Thanks to IMACS and its great teachers, I am now learning my fourth programming language! As a girl, I want to encourage other girls to join IMACS and discover programming as a long-term interest. Computer science is not usually offered in middle schools, making IMACS a wonderful addition to any student's course load. With the help of these courses, I plan to contribute to shaping the future of technology."
Shuli Jones, Student at University of Toronto Schools
"Every student should have the opportunity to attend IMACS. Even though I attend an Ivy League school with intelligent students, IMACS taught me to think abstractly and gave me a leg up over my peers. The skills and confidence IMACS afforded me played a fundamental role in my success during my first year at Wharton."
Troy Daly, Wharton Graduate
"I cannot thank IMACS enough for being an integral part of my admission to MIT. IMACS helped shape my dreams and goals in many ways and was where I fell in love with programming. The first online resource I always strongly recommend to high school students who are interested in math and computer science is eIMACS. Those courses set a firm base for my programming knowledge and turned out to be only too valuable during college."
Hajar Boughoula, Student at MIT
"Hardly anyone enters college knowing how to write mathematical proofs, but thanks to IMACS, I can write proofs in my sleep! And beyond that, IMACS provided me with a framework to handle the abstract nature of advanced math at Caltech."
Jesse Salomon, Caltech Graduate
"By age 13, I had completed all the CS courses available through my online high school and regional talent search program. Still, I wanted more and found it with University Computer Science I from eIMACS. The course provided just the right level of challenge to keep me interested every day. Because it is self-paced, I was able to spend more time on topics when I needed or wanted to. My cool online instructor was very supportive, answered all my questions quickly, and even followed up with me by phone to make sure I was 'getting it.' The curriculum helped me think more logically about computing instead of dealing with programming issues by brute force. After UCS1, other CS courses were more fun! I am now 15 and a full-time, dually enrolled university student. As someone who's mostly been in an online learning environment since age 5, I can definitely say eIMACS courses are excellent. Thank you, IMACS, for a solid foundation!"
Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Founder of Origami Salami

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"IMACS followed by Indiana University has proven to be an incredible winning combination! Ryan's IMACS accomplishments attracted the attention of Dan Friedman at IU, who in turn stated a number of rather fantastic things IU could do for Ryan if he went there. It took three years to prove Friedman's last and most important representation — that if Ryan impressed certain professors at IU, he could get into any school for his CS PhD. Well, that certainly proved to be true! He has been accepted by Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Carnegie-Mellon, Brown, Stanford, Cornell, Michigan, Northeastern, Indiana University and Illinois!"
Bill Newton, Parent of an MIT Graduate
"My daughter has just completed the university level computer science courses I and II offered by IMACS and received A+ grades. My decision to ask her take the first CS course has turned out to be pivotal as she has fallen in love with computing and algorithms and has decided to be a CS major in college. As a parent and computer scientist, I can attest to both the breadth and depth of the problems in IMACS courses. These courses will be loved by students who are self-directed learners and creative problem solvers who love new challenges every day and are able to work with minimal supervision. The courses are very systematically organized, with numerous interactive problems that teach foundational concepts followed by their applications. Parents can also track progress. The instructors are very timely in offering help and in a manner that forces students to think critically in approaching the problems so as to improve their problem solving abilities.

In sum, my daughter has got the conceptual and theoretical foundations for a successful college track in CS. After completing the IMACS CS courses, she found the high school CS course sequence (CS Honors with JAVA, AP CS etc.) very easy and not surprisingly got the 'Best CS Student' award. Most impressive was the fact she was easily able to grasp the differences and similarities in various programming languages because of her ability to see through the syntactical aspects and understand the deeper conceptual and semantic foundations that lie at the core of the 'science of computing'."
Dr. R. Thomas, Ph.D, Parent
"The eIMACS online courses are excellent for gifted and talented math students. eIMACS did a great job of teaching my daughter mathematical logic. I can't stress enough how valuable it is for our brightest youngsters to learn a breadth of mathematics utterly beyond the usual high-school curriculum, instead of rushing through an honors high-school math curriculum and the Calculus as fast as possible. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the materials, and by the speed and quality of the personal feedback in the math courses."
Robert Sloan, Parent and Computer Science Department Head, University of Illinois at Chicago
"My son took IMACS University Computer Science I as his first computer course in high school. He is now majoring in computer engineering and enjoying an internship as a software developer. He appreciated the course for its good scope, good pace, and good introduction to computer science. I am thankful to his instructor for being so accessible and for providing a great balance of support and challenge. My son enjoyed the course because the learning process was much like puzzle-solving. If I could go back in time, I would have enrolled him in additional IMACS courses earlier on."
Jenny Ying, Parent of a University of Pittsburgh Student
"With the IMACS approach to computer science, my daughter learned more than just how to program. She learned about logical reasoning, problem solving and orderly thinking. Those skills made her a better programmer and a better student all around. I would recommend IMACS to any parent whose child wants to learn computer programming."
Sam Chen, Parent of a USC Graduate
"IMACS was the first time our daughter had encountered a community of teachers and learners who were excited to hear her ideas and creative ways of problem solving. She loved the Hi-Tech Summer Camp so much that she didn't want to take a week off! She excelled in the computer programming classes and felt that the AP Computer Science exam was easier than the eIMACS course. IMACS prepared her well for the challenges in which she is now engaged, including a university program in math. We are grateful to IMACS for all of the encouragement and challenges they have given and continue to give our daughter."
Susan Brady, Parent
"Our son was an IMACS student from 8th through 10th grade. Because of his radical acceleration in school and in math in particular, he needed early access to more than what was available at middle and high school. eIMACS allowed him to take advanced classes without the prejudice of age or grade-level expectations.

eIMACS provided our son with rigorous classes in programming and logic in a flexible, self-paced manner in the comfort of our home. The Web-based interface and self-contained compilers were bug free, allowing him to concentrate on learning. The online instructors gave prompt and encouraging feedback. Our son is now a high school senior and applying to top math and science universities across the country. Thank you, IMACS, for giving him a firm foundation!"
Steve Tkach, Parent
"When we began searching for a way to supplement Cari's math curriculum we wanted a program that did more than just accelerate the standard math courses. Other programs do not provide a rigorous foundation based on logic that is necessary to develop the abstract reasoning critical to understanding the foundations of mathematics. Once we saw the unique approach of your program it made more sense for her than any other we found."
Tom & Donna Crawford, Parents
"We originally enrolled our son in eIMACS because my husband had studied the math curriculum as a middle school student and had only positive things to say about it. We are extremely happy we did! After taking University Computer Science I, our son decided he would definitely like to add a computer science degree to his major in college when he goes. He found a love and passion for programming that he did not have before eIMACS. The puzzles from the Logic for Mathematics courses are still his favorite math problems of all time. For both the computer science and logic courses, the IMACS instructor was excellent and provided quick and informative answers to all of his questions. Our son has taken many other online and in-person courses over the years, but eIMACS has been the best for the amount of support you get and the unique balance of making extremely challenging work fun and engaging."
Wendy Vidlak, Parent
"We are a family of homeschoolers living overseas. When our daughter became interested in taking computer science classes, we did a comparison among the many online courses and chose eIMACS. We never regretted it! Our daughter had the most enjoyable experience learning from teachers who were friendly, encouraging, and always there to answer her questions. We believe IMACS played an important role in her acceptance into several prestigious universities, including MIT where she will be enrolled.

IMACS and eIMACS are well above the competition. We highly recommend them without reservation to anyone interested in computer science or high-level mathematics. This is a program run by generous and dedicated people who are working diligently to provide an excellent education for their students. We are grateful to IMACS and honored to have made the acquaintance of such caring teachers."
Mounir Boughoula & Alia Soula, Parents
"IMACS creates a uniquely fun and challenging experience for gifted students through their innovative curriculum and supportive staff. It has been an essential component of the education program for our children."
Shannon Robertson, Parent
"I wanted to let you know some good news that I think is a great reflection on the power of IMACS. Ricky recently participated in the MathCounts competition for grades 6-8. Although he is only in 6th grade, he won his regional competition! We are going to the state competition later this month. I feel confident that IMACS played a major role in his success. His math teacher said that she expects he will make it to Nationals when he is in 8th grade. THANK YOU!!!"
Jennifer Morse, Parent
"My son took Logic for Mathematics I and University Computer Science I online when he was 11 years old. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that he scored a 5 on the AP Computer Science exam. This 5 indicates the solid foundation he got from UCS1. Thank you for opening the course for him in spite of his age. It has made a positive impact on his academic school life, and for that we are thankful to eIMACS."
Sara Rajesh, Parent

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"Math Monster did eIMACS, and really liked it. He told me, 'after I did the [other] algebra class, I was wondering if I still liked math. Now that I'm doing eIMACS, it has restored me!'"
From Hoagies' Gifted Education Page, Read the entire review
"Upon reading the logic course, I quickly noticed it is written very well, is very comprehensive and detailed. ... This mathematics curriculum provides a gifted child some true mathematical substance, not just your usual school math one year ahead of others."
From, Read the entire review

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