Gifted Math and Computer Science Program to Award $25,000 in Scholarships

July 11, 2017 Filed under: Meet IMACS IMACS Staff Writer @ 1:00 am

After-school, weekend and online programs in math and computer science for gifted children who enjoy fun, academic challenges.

An IMACS class, back in the days of chalkboards, enjoys some friendly
competition while playing the String Game.

The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS) celebrates 25 years of serving talented children by awarding $25,000 in a mix of scholarships to enroll in its online courses or to attend its South Florida after-school program. From humble beginnings of just 37 students in Plantation, Florida, IMACS has grown to include four South Florida learning centers and serves more than 4,500 students throughout the United States and in more than 15 countries.

IMACS President, Terry Kaufman, attributes the institute's longevity and growth to parents' concerns about education. "Many of our local families, as well as our online students, are actively looking for ways to develop the critical thinking skills needed in a rapidly modernizing world, and they are not finding that through traditional means," Kaufman said. "At IMACS, our goal is for students to become better thinkers and problem solvers for the rest of their lives, not just for the next standardized test."

After-school, weekend and online programs in math and computer science for gifted children who enjoy fun, academic challenges.

IMACS President Terry Kaufman is as enthusiastic today about teaching
bright, young students as he ever was.

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the sixth largest district in the US, recognizes the advantages of IMACS' approach. In 2015, BCPS selected the institute’s Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) online program as full-time curriculum for its top middle school math students. EMF covers pre-algebra through precalculus plus several university-level topics with depth and rigor that far exceeds traditional gifted math programs. Barrington 220 School District in Illinois recently became the second public school district to license EMF for its gifted students.

"EMF teaches very advanced mathematical concepts, yet the presentation and problem sets are designed in a way that allows middle school kids to learn the material online," noted Maxim Chekmasov, who holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and whose son Andrei is in the program.

After-school, weekend and online programs in math and computer science for gifted children who enjoy fun, academic challenges.

Iain Ferguson, seen here teaching an early-generation robotics class, leads
IMACS' effort to develop the EMF online math program.

IMACS' focus on logical thinking and creative problem-solving has produced results for its graduates. Many go on to excel at top universities of their choice, including Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Caltech, and pursue careers in fields as varied as technology, medicine, engineering, law and academia.

After-school, weekend and online programs in math and computer science for gifted children who enjoy fun, academic challenges.

Ryan Newton, seen here helping a fellow IMACS student, went on to earn his Ph.D.
in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

IMACS classes and online courses challenge students by ability level, not by age. Online courses are self-paced and accessible 24/7 so that students can work at their individual pace and at times that fit their schedule. Local students are placed into appropriately challenging classes and moved up as they demonstrate mastery.


Styles come and go, but hands-on learning at IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Camp
has been one true constant.

Scholarship Raffles

IMACS will raffle off 20 scholarships to enroll in the EMF Pre-Algebra Plus online course and five scholarships to enroll in an eIMACS university-level course in computer science or mathematical logic.

On each Tuesday from July 25th to September 5th, IMACS will randomly select winners from among students who score at least 30 on the EMF Aptitude Test or attain a qualifying score on the eIMACS Aptitude Test in the seven days prior to a raffle drawing. Parents may register for the EMF Aptitude Test at and for the eIMACS Aptitude Test at

To be entered in a scholarship raffle for local classes, prospective South Florida students must attend a free IMACS placement class any time between August 7th and September 30th. Parents may schedule a placement class by calling IMACS at 954.791.2333 or by reserving their spot at

Raffles for online courses are open to new students only. Limit one entry per student. Online winners will be notified by email, so be sure to check the email account you used when registering.

October 2nd Winners
Ahana T, Math Enrichment
Armaan G, Math Enrichment

September 25th Winners
Lukas L, Math Enrichment
Noah K, Math Enrichment

Prior Winners
Abigail D, Math Enrichment
Adam R, Math Enrichment
Aiden Z, Math Enrichment
Alan M, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Alex E, eIMACS Logic for Mathematics I
Andrea D, Math Enrichment
Andrew A, Math Enrichment
Anjali S, Math Enrichment
Anna K, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Antonio C, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Brent T, Math Enrichment
Brielle S, Math/Computer Enrichment
Caleb S, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Danielle M, Math Enrichment
Denitsa Z, Math Enrichment
Dhava N, Math Enrichment
Elijah R, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Erin S, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Ethan D, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Evan J, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
James M, eIMACS University Computer Science I
James R, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Jesse T, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Joanna B, eIMACS University Computer Science I
Jojo K, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Lance G, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Leo S, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Levi G, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Logan G, eIMACS University Computer Science I
Lucia M, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Luke S, Math Enrichment
Malachi C, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Natalia M, Math Enrichment
Nathan H, Math Enrichment
Pedro M, Math Enrichment
Roberto F, Computer Enrichment
Sam M, eIMACS University Computer Science I
Sebastian L, Math Enrichment
Sohail H, Math Enrichment
Sophia R, Math Enrichment
Spencer B, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Tyson R, Math Enrichment
Varsha S, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Vrishak V, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus
Wyatt C, EMF Pre-Algebra Plus